*  It's time to register for AP Exams.  Please see the Guidance page for more information. *


    * Student parking passes are available.  All students that drive to school must have a parking pass.  Please see Mrs. Tutmaher in the office to purchase your parking pass.



    Principal Office Administration:dragon

    Principal:                   Mr. Jeffrey Flickner        flicknerj@wcsdpa.org

    Assistant Principal:   Mrs. Amy Stimmell       stimmella@wcsdpa.org

    Assistant Principal:   Mr. Joshua Vincent       vincentj@wcsdpa.org

    Special Education Supervisor:  Mrs. Lisa Smith    smithl@wcsdpa.org

    Secretary to Principal:  Cheri Tutmaher  tutmahercl@wcsdpa.org            814-723-3370 ext 3001

    Attendance Secretary:  Angela Schott     schottad@wcsdpa.org                814-723-3370 ext 3002

    Discipline Secretary:     Jill Lasecki          laseckij@wcsdpa.org                  814-723-3370 ext 3003                                    


    Athletic Director:  Jeffrey White   whitej@wcsdpa.org            814-723-3370 ext 3013


    Nurse:  Louise Tharp                     tharpl@wcsdpa.org            814-723-3370 ext 3012

    Guidance Office Administration:

    Guidance Counselor:   Betsy Sobkowski     sobkowskib@wcsdpa.org

    Guidance Counselor:   Matthew Getner       getnerm@wcsdpa.org

    AEDY Guidance Counselor:   Michelle Johnson johnsonm@wcsdpa.org

    Guidance Secretary:    Lori McChesney        McChesneyLM@wcsdpa.org   814-723-3370 ext 3008


     *Student drivers - please make sure to fill out a student driving application in the main office.  Parking spaces will be assigned by number.  Students will need a completed, signed parking application, and proof of valid driver's license and insurance.  The cost for parking for the school year is $50.  Checks may be made payable to the Warren County School District.

    Important reminder: Please be sure you keep us informed of any changes in contact information for your child, as this is our way of getting important information to you.  Thank you in advance.

    The Warren County School District has implemented the RAPTOR System to screen all visitors.  The RAPTOR System searches child abuse databases.  Please bring a driver's license or state photo ID when you come to any District Building. 


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