• Student Assistance Program - Referral Form


    The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a voluntary service available for all students in grades 6th through 12th in the Warren County School District.  SAP helps identify at-risk students having any problems affecting their grades, attendance, behavior, and/or overall success at school.  SAP is not a direct treatment/counseling program.  SAP is an information and referral program that offers mental health/drug & alcohol screenings, in-school educational groups, in-school support services, and community resources guidance.

    A student can be referred to SAP by parents/guardians, school personnel, peers, or a student may refer himself or herself.  The SAP team is comprised of specially trained teachers, administrators, school counselors and a mental health and/or drug & alcohol consultant(s).  Our goal is to work with you and to offer support and recommendations for your son/daughter in order that they are successful in school.  Where barriers are beyond the scope of the school, the team can provide information so families may access community resources. 

    The SAP team values the importance of parent/guardian involvement in this process.  A team member is ready to talk with you about the referral and obtain information about your child.  With your permission, the Student Assistance Team will initiate the SAP process, which includes meeting with your son/daughter.


    If you have any questions about SAP, contact Mr. Getner at getnerm@wcsdpa.org or call 814-723-0574 ext. 1327