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    Virtual Academy Logo  A Personalized Educational Experience

    The flexibility of online learning allows students to customize their educational experience. The WCSDVA provides your student with a personalized learning approach, where they can work from the comfort of their homes or anywhere there is Internet access. With the opportunity to create their own course schedule, students benefit from learning options tailored to meet their individual needs.

    Virtual Academy Logo  K-12 Curriculum

    The Virtual Academy Offers a high quality virtual education for students in grades K-12.  We are continually adding courses to the ever-expanding course catalog, giving your student a real classroom education, online.  All courses are standards-based, to insure the highest quality education for students.

    Our curriculum has been specifically designed for use in online instruction and time-tested for over a decade.  Each course is backed by PA certified teachers and lays the groundwork for future academic success by:

    • Building a solid foundation in reading, writing and mathematics

    • Developing lifelong learning and analytical skills

    • Encouraging exploration, critical thinking and problem solving

    Students will have all the resources needed at their fingertips from top educational leaders like:

    • Accelerate Education

    • Schools PLP

    • Lincoln Learning

    • Pointful Education

    • eDynamic Learning

    The WCSDVA provides services to any student within the borders of the Warren County School District or any other cooperating school district.

    Virtual Academy Logo  Hometown Diploma

    Our Virtual Academy allows students to obtain their diploma from their local school as well as the opportunity to walk at graduation with their peers.

    Virtual Academy Logo  Technology

    K-5 teachers engage in live lessons through Accelerate Education.  In addition, a full-time teacher is available on site from 7:55 am. to 3:15 pm. every day. Grades 6-12 use a variety of learning curriculum supported by certified WCSD teachers.

    Virtual Academy Logo  Course Schedules

     Students are able to se up a course schedule that works for them.  We offer:

    • Full-time

    • Part-time

    • Custom (as little as 1-2 courses)

    • Credit Recovery Programs

    Virtual Academy Logo  NCAA Approved

     Through the WCSD Virtual Academy students are able to participate in their local school's sports teams. Our curriculum is NCAA Approved, which means we adhere to academic standards that student athletics must meet in order to compete in intercollegiate athletics.

    Virtual Academy Logo  Extracurricular Activities

    While attending the Virtual Academy, student are able to participate in their local school's extracurricular activities.  The flexibility of our curriculum allows students to work around these social activities.

    Virtual Academy Logo  Accreditation

    We have partnered with Connections Education, which has delivered successful virtual instruction to hundreds of thousands of students in the last decade and is accredited by AdvancED.  Each course offered by the Virtual Academy is backed by PA certified teachers. 

    Virtual Academy Logo  Additional Opportunities

    The WCSD Virtual Academy offers additional opportunities such as: Going to your local school for additional courses, field trips, attending school dances and proms, local technical school offerings, local events, guest speakers, career counseling and more.


  • The education you expect, in a style all your own.

    The Warren County School District Virtual Academy is an educational alternative to the traditional classroom, providing a personalized approach to learning for students.  The Virtual Academy's flexible and customizable structure offers options to meet each individual student's educational needs, with the right tools and environment to succeed.

Last Modified on July 9, 2021