• "We are so thankful for the Virtual Academy. My son could have never attended classes in high school in his situation. The online school gave him a sense of responsibility and the chance to learn how to be self-disciplined, knowing the work must be done. He was also thrilled to take the medical classes, since he is leaning in that direction after high school. THANK YOU VIRTUAL ACADEMY!"

    -Mother of Virtual Academy student

    "The Virtual Academy has an excellent team of teachers that are eager to work with students. This is an online, collaborative, and standards-based learning environment.  Students are able to have flexibility in their schedule if needed. We provide a variety of options from full-time, part-time, and custom scheduling opportunities. The Virtual Academy offers a multitude of course levels ranging from Credit Recovery to Honors and College Prep."

    -Misty Weber, Virtual Academy Administrator

    "The Warren County Virtual Academy has far exceeded my expectations for support and dedication to our District's families. The access we have to Warren County's team coupled with their experience and knowledge make for a system that meshes perfectly with what the Ephrata Virtual Academy promises to our parents and students. At the elementary level, the Warren County teacher excels at being able to bridge the gap between working online and being personally invested in her students. Misty Weber and Neal Kent make up a team that provides a full support service that is required to have high-functioning cyber school. The Warren County Virtual Academy is and will be part of Ephrata's program."

    -Dan Mahlandt, Coordinator of Virtual Learning for Ephrata Area School District 

    "I enjoy the freedom of choosing which classes to take and being able to personalize my schedule to be what works best for me. The workload is more than I expected, but it definitely helped prepare me for college!"

    -Virtual Academy student

    "The lack of distractions makes it much easier to concentrate on and complete my daily tasks."

    -Virtual Academy student

    "I most enjoy the convenience of the program. Being a senior in high school, I’m not only a student, but I also work a part-time job have to be available for any personal family emergencies that may arise. Without the Virtual Academy I would not be able to do it all!I most enjoy the convenience of the program."

    -Virtual Academy student

    "The Virtual Academy breaks down the curriculum to make lessons easier for students to understand. My daughter is able to see her grades daily, which motivates her to keep them up. She can email her teachers whenever she needs and they’re always available to help."

    -Father of Virtual Academy student

    "The ability to work at my own pace and style - and not have to adjust my learning to the needs of other students - has been an essential component in excelling in my classes. I also love that there are classes available to me that are not offered by my school."

    -Virual Academy student

    "Through the Virtual Academy I have learned how to be personally responsible for my grades and my future. I think I’m truly prepared for college now, and that’s such a good feeling."

    -Virtual Academy student

    "Completing my four years of high school all online has been a tremendous blessing for me. I was able to grow and learn at my own pace without distraction. The option of doing online school was something I never thought I'd have the chance to do, but I can now say that I did “online school” from 9th-12th grade and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome."

    -Virtual Academy student

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