• USDA Smart Snacks in School

    Starting with school year 2014-15, all foods sold at school during the school day are required to meet science-based nutrition standards. The Smart Snacks in School regulation applies to foods sold a la carte, in the school store, vending machines, and any other venues where food is sold to students. The intent of the Smart Snacks standards is to offer healthier snack foods to students during the day and limiting the availability of junk food.

    The documents linked below can provide additional information on the Smart Snacks standards. The "Smart Snacks Summary" lists specific calorie and nutrient requirements of the Smart Snacks standards. The "Smart Snacks in Schools" brochure provides similar information in a tri-fold brochure format.

    Additional information and resources on Smart Snacks in School is available at the USDA website at https://www.fns.usda.gov/school-meals/tools-schools-focusing-smart-snacks

Smart Snacks in School Files