• The Pennsylvania Department of Health has made changes to school immunization regulations.  The regulations are intended to ensure children attending school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are adequately protected against potential outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases. 

    The new requirements go into effect August 1, 2017 and primarily focus on students entering kindergarten, seventh or twelfth grade.  Should a student not have all the required vaccinations by Warren County School District’s first day of school on September 5, 2017, the risk exclusion from school.  The Department of Health has reduced the previous eight-month provision provided to parents/guardians to demonstrate appropriate vaccinations to five days. 

    Any student who has not submitted proof of immunization will not be allowed to attend school. The only way a child can be excused from this directive is if a parent files with the district an exception for religious reasons, or if a physician signs the immunization certificate that the immunization is not medically advisable.

    Please refer to the enclosed school vaccination information for parent’s handout.  Parents shall make arrangements with their doctor prior to September 4, 2017 to ensure vaccinations meet current guidelines.  Parents will also need to provide the school nurse with required Pennsylvania Department of Health – Medical Certificate to document immunizations and avoid possible exclusion from attendance.     

    The PA Dept of Health - Warren County State Health Center offers immunizations year-round to eligible children and adults at state health centers and through clinics at various community locations.  Vaccinations are free for uninsured/underinsured adults, as well as for children through 18 years of age who are uninsured, underinsured, Medicaid eligible, or American Indian or Alaska Native.

    Adults and children who meet the requirements to receive immunizations must call 1-814-728-3566 to schedule an appointment.  A parent/legal guardian must accompany children who are receiving a vaccination.  Department of Health staff will need to be notified prior to the appointment if someone other than the child’s parent/legal guardian will be accompanying him/her.



    Visit PA Department of Health School Immunizations

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