• Kids In Need (KIN) Fund at the Community Foundation of Warren County

    In 2015, a group of local philanthropists learned of the plight of homeless students in the district and started a fund to benefit them.  The fund was named the Kids In Need (KIN) Fund.  The KIN Fund at the Community Foundation of Warren County advocates a common vision – ensure vulnerable kids and families have access to daily living needs and resources necessary to promote the well-being of children.

    Starting with the end in mind and engaging in a collaborative community school partnership is vital to promote and advocate for the well-being of children in our community.  The KIN Fund was founded on the notion that through collaborative partnerships, the Warren County School District and members in the community can develop and implement an inclusive community fund to support kids in need.  Building community relationships through shared networks is a central component of the KIN Fund.  Shared networks are the foundation to creating an environment of collaboration where members focus on connecting resources to support the well-being for our children. 

    The KIN Fund is designed to provide temporary supports and resources with the long-term goal to identify and begin to address barriers responsible for hardships influencing families in our community.  Throughout this proposal, the KIN Fund emphasizes the importance of supporting kids in need within our community is the fundamental purpose to the mission. Engaging in our mission will enable our community to focus on long-term solutions necessary to promote the well-being for all of our children, especially kids in need.

    Members of the KIN Fund recognize and appreciate local efforts from community leaders, community services providers, religious institutions, school employees, health care providers, law enforcement officers, local governments and court officials, childcare providers, and community leaders as we strive to promote success for our kids.  

    Tax deductible donations to the Kids In Need fund may be made by check payable to the Community Foundation of Warren County listing the Kids In Need Fund as the recipient of the donation.  Cash contributions to the Fund are accepted at the Foundation Office at 310 Second Avenue Warren.  Those wishing to donate online may do so at the Community Foundation website CFWC 

    For more information about the Kids In Need Fund or other Community Foundation programs supporting our Warren County Students contact the Community Foundation of Warren County at 814 726-9553, 310 Second Avenue in Warren or on the web CFWC

  • Individuals in need of support from the KIN Community Fund should contact the school office, classroom teacher, or school counselor.  Any district employee can process a KIN Fund request on behalf of a student.

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