Related Services

  • Related services are supportive services required for a disabled child to benefit from learning in the educational environment.  Related services help children with disabilities benefit from their special education programing by providing extra support in needed areas such as (but not limited to) walking, listening, writing, or speaking.  Warren County School District provides the following related services to enrolled students identified with a disability at no cost to the parent(s).


    Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy Services

    Psychological & Counseling Services

    Psychological services address the emotional, behavioral, and learning needs of students within the district. The primary role of the school psychologist is the completion of individual evaluations of students who are having difficulties in these areas. Based on evaluation results, specific interventions or services are then recommended. The school psychologist consults with teachers and parents regarding how to improve students’ learning and behavior and serves as a core member of the student assistance team.

    All students are eligible for counseling services as part of the regular education program. Students receiving counseling may be assisted in making decisions, setting goals to improve class performance, and discussing personal or social issues. In addition, the school psychologist and/or school counselor may provide supplementary individual and/or group counseling to disabled students experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties. 

    The Warren County School District also collaborates with Forest Warren Human Services, Beacon Light Behavioral Health Services and the Achievement Center who provide social, behavioral and mental health services.

    Speech & Language Therapy Services