• If you are planning to attend any post-secondary school you should be actively searching for scholarships to help pay for it. 
    No matter what type of school you'll attend - 4 Year College or University, Community College, Tech. School, Trade School, etc. -  one guarantee is that it will cost a lot of money.
    Scholarships are essentially FREE MONEY for SCHOOL!!!
    I recommend visiting your home school's scholarship page to get started. Links below.
    Warren Area High School scholarship page: https://www.wcsdpa.org/Page/765
    Youngsville Middle High School scholarship page: https://www.wcsdpa.org/Page/895
    Eisenhower Middle High School scholarship page: https://www.wcsdpa.org/Page/538
    Sheffield Area Middle High School scholarship page: https://www.wcsdpa.org/Page/1013
    If you have any questions please email me at getnerm@wcsdpa.org or call me at 814-723-0574 ext. 1327