Safety Committee

  • Welcome to the Warren County School District Workplace Safety Committee

    Purpose & Goal

    The Warren County School District is committed to providing a safe, functional, and supportive environment.  The purpose of the District Safety Committee is to bring Warren County School District employees together to establish controls designed to provide a physical environment free of recognized hazards, monitor student and staff activities to reduce the risk of injuries, and ultimately preserve the safety of all persons while on school district property.


    The goal of the District Safety Committee is to eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses by involving employees and managers in identifying hazards and establishing policies and procedures to prevent them.  This goal targets students, employees, visitors, and the general public while on school district property.

    Employees can contact the Office of the Safety and Security Coordinator to receive further information and review minutes.



    Contact Information

    If you have any questions about the Warren County School District’s Safety Committee, please contact Mr. Brandon Deppen, Chairperson, by phone at (814) 723-6903, x1041.