WCCC Cooperative Education Opportunities

  • Cooperative Education Program



    • Connects classroom learning with work-based learning experiences

    • Prepares students to move from a classroom to worksite
    • Teams employers, educators, community leaders, students, and parents
    • Provides school-based learning activities
    • Teaches employability skills
    • Supports supervised on-the-job training



    The Cooperative Education Program or Capstone Program is a structured method of instruction combining school-based classroom learning with productive work-based learning, matching the student-learner’s academic and career objectives. This involves a planned partnership with specified connecting activities and responsibilities among students, parents, schools and employers.

    Eligible seniors may participate in the Cooperative Education Program, which is a paid work experience. In some cases, qualified juniors may be considered for participation during the final marking period of their junior year. To be released from school, the student must work a minimum of 15 hours during the school week in a position related to the student’s career objective.

    Warren County Career Center programs are monitored by a certified Cooperative Education Instructor who ensures that the students and employers are following the guidelines of the program.


    For additional information on work experience opportunities contact:



    Mr. Bob Smith

    Warren County Career Center

    347 East Fifth Avenue

    Warren, PA  16365

    (814) 726-1260