WCSD Grant Policy & Procedure

  • Listed below are the official Warren County School District grant policy and associated procedure. The outlined procedure is reflected in the page on the WCSD Grant Process. Those interested in applying for grants must read this information so they have an understanding of the fiscal responsibilities the district has when receiving grant funds.


    WCSD Policy 4001

    The Board recognizes its responsibility to the taxpayers of the District to be sure that public monies expended by the District are utilized for the furtherance of pupil education in a manner that will ensure full value to the taxpayers and adequate constraints and records are established to ensure that end.

    Warren County School District Procedure:

    Grant Recording and Reconciliation


    The Business Services department will ensure that grant revenues and expenses are properly recorded in the general ledger, accurately reflect grant activity, and are acted upon in a timely manner.
    Specific Guidelines
    1. Administrators of the Warren County School District will communicate with the Coordinator of Grant and Foundation Development to determine if their request for a grant to be written meets the grant guidelines.
    2. The Coordinator of Grant and Foundation Development will apply for all grants unless he/she gives written consent to the approved personnel. Such written consent should be kept with the grant application.
    3. Others within the WCSD that apply for grants must notify the Coordinator of Grants and Foundation Development of any grants that are applied for and supply a copy of the grant application (see #2).
    4. The Coordinator of Grants and Foundation Development will work closely with the “grant owner” of each respective area to ensure that grants are being expended as were submitted during the grant writing process. The “grant owner” shall be defined as the person responsible for monitoring the grants monthly, quarterly and yearly expenditures.
    5. Quarterly reconciliations of grant activity (i.e. revenues and expenditures) will be communicated with the Coordinator of Grants and Foundation Development to ensure compliance with grant requirements.
    6. Any deviations from scheduled/budgeted grant activity as guided by the grant application will be communicated to the Director of Business Services when identified.
    7. Corrective Action Plans will be created to ensure compliance with grant objectives should any deviations be noted.