The WCSD Grant Process

  • Staff Approvals

    All grants to be used by or in any building within the Warren County School District must be reviewed and approved by the:

    • Building principal
    • Coordinator of Grant & Foundation Development
    • appropriate WCSD director, and
    • WCSD Board of Education

    Board Approval of Grants

    Reviews and approvals must be prior to the acceptance or receipt of any grant funds. The process for obtaining Board of Education approval is:
    • Discuss the intended funding opportunity with the building principal.
      • If the proposed grant is district-wide in scope, contact the appropriate WCSD director or the Coordinator of Grant & Foundation Development for assistance.
    • Complete the online WCSD Grant Request Form.
      • Answer the form questions to the best of your ability.
    • Submit the WCSD Grant Request Form electronically

    Other Important Information

    Submissions should be at least two (2) weeks prior to the next scheduled board committee meetings.

    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may a grant application be submitted without an email (or other written format) communication from the Coordinator of Grant & Foundation Development providing permission to do so.

    The Coordinator of Grant & Foundation Development will maintain a copy of the submitted application for the district's records. Any applicant that submits an application on their own must secure a copy of the application and provide it to the Coordinator for inclusion in the grant file.

    The WCSD Grant Request Form

    The WCSD Grant Request Form is linked at the bottom of this webpage. Many of the fields on the WCSD Grant Request Form are mandatory. The grant process will not move beyond a discussion phase without this form being submitted to the Office of Grant & Foundation Development.

    Due to the nature of grants in general, it is sometimes difficult to meet the advance deadlines for submission of a grant proposal to the Board for prior approval. This is especially true when the turnaround time for grant submissions is often short. For this reason, it is strongly suggested that individuals interested in applying for a specific grant contact the Office of Grant & Foundation Development at (814) 723-6903 x1034 as early as possible in the grant development process.