The 13 programs offered by the Career Center provide students the opportunity to integrate academic subjects especially math, science and communication skills into technical skill development.


    Recent graduating classes indicate: 95 percent of the graduating classes are actively engaged in career development; 35 percent are employed; 31 percent are attending two-year trade schools; 19 percent are in the military; and 10 percent are attending four-year colleges. Local businesses provide employment. Our Career Center is articulated with many Post-secondary schools including: PA College of Technology, Erie Institute of Technology, Mercyhurst North East, Ohio Technical college, PMI and Jamestown Community College.


    The National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) tests or an industry based exam such as ASE will serve as the exit exam for senior program completers. A practice test is administered in the fall semester and the exit exam will be administered during the spring semester. Both exams are developed to test current industry standards in each career technical area. Students must complete both theory and performance portions of the NOCTI tests and demonstrate entry level employment competencies. Completers earning an advanced grade in the NOCTI tests are awarded the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate.


    The Pennsylvania Skills Certificate is a special award created by the Pennsylvavnia Department of Education to recognize high achievement by career education students. By earning the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate a student demonstrates superior knowledge and good problem solving abilities in his/hers career field. Having the Pennsylvania Skills Certificate can help students obtain employment in their chosen field or assist them in gaining entry to a post-secondary education program leading to a certificate, associate or bachelor degree.


    Students attending the Warren County Career Center will have the opportunity to compete in district, state, and national skill contests sponsored by SKILLS USA, Future Business Leaders of America and Distributive Education Club of America In the past we have had winners from Welding, Food Service, Pre-Engineering, Auto Collision, Auto Technology, Protective Services, Marketing and Power Equipment Technology.  WCCC has participated at all levels.

    Warren County Career Center students also have the opportunity to be nominated for admission to the National Vocational-Technical Honor Society. This prestigious honor recognizes high academic achievement at both the Career Center and the students’ high schools.