• Masking at Indoor WCSD Events as of 10/07/2021

    The following masking requirements are in place for all WCSD indoor events:

    1) All students attending an event will either be masked or have an exemption based on Section 504 or their IEP.

    2) All other spectators attending an event must be masked.

    Spectators refusing to wear an approved face covering will be denied admission to the event.

    No event will start until all spectators comply with masking requirements.  If an event has started and a spectator fails to comply with masking requirements, the event will be paused until masking takes place or that person or persons have left the facility.

    If, after pausing, spectators continue to disregard mask requirements, the event may be discontinued.


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Central Office Athletics Department

For Questions or Concerns

  • For questions or concerns regarding athletics or co-curricular activities, please follow the appropriate level for response according to the following sequence:

    1. Building Principal
    2. Supervisor of District-Wide Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities
    3. Director
    4. Superintendent
    5. Board of School Directors’ Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities Committee