Business Services

  • The following link will download a copy of the approved 2018-19 Warren County School District Budget:   2018-19 Final WCSD Budget   


    Click the link to download a summary of the district's 403(b) Tax-Sheltered Account Program for employees

    WCSD 403(b) Summary



    Warren County School District
    Business Services
    6820 Market Street
    Russell, PA  16345-3406
    Fax: (814) 757-8571

    James Grosch
    Director of Business Services
    (814) 723-6903 x1030

    Susan Gustafson
    Staff Accountant
    (814) 723-6903 x1031 

    Sarah Fisher
    Staff Accountant II
    (814) 723-6903 x1091

    Stacey Lobdell
    (814) 723-6900 x1047