• Notice Regarding Retention and Destruction of Special Education Records

    Personally identifiable information no longer relevant to and necessary for the provision of special education and services to a student who has attended the Warren County School District shall be destroyed annually by the Warren County School District.  However, a written record of a student’s personally identifiable information, such as name, address, telephone number, grades, attendance records, classes attended, grade level completed and year completed, shall be maintained for 100 years beyond the date the student attains the age of twenty-four years.

    The District will destroy all special education records, except for the personally identifiable information as listed above, for all students eligible under the Individual’s with Disabilities Education Act and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 who were born before the year 1992. These records will be destroyed on October 1, 2019. Those who want to claim their special education records prior to the date of destruction must contact the Office of Pupil Services at 814-723-6903, 1039 to make an appointment to secure their personal special education records at the 6820 Market Street, Warren, PA 16345.

    The Warren County School District Board of Directors defines “special education records” as follows:  “Special Education, Gifted Education and Chapter 15/Section 504 Service plan documents, consistent with the definition of “education records” in 34 C.F.R. part 99, which include in this context but are not limited to: Permission to Evaluation (Consent), Permission to Evaluate (Request), Permission to Re-evaluate (Consent), Permission to Re-evaluate (Request), Gifted Written Report, Evaluation Report, Re-evaluation Report, Individualized Education Programs, Gifted Individualized Education Program, Invitation to attend IEP meeting, Invitation to attend GIEP meeting, Notice of Recommended Education Placement, Notice of Recommended Assignment, Chapter 15 (504 Service Agreement), and other related documents and records which have been maintained by the District and were considered by the District and/or the IEP team in making any FAPE decision, including but not limited to decisions regarding eligibility, evaluation, necessary services and accommodations, content of individualized education programs and/or Section 504/Chapter 15 service plans, placement, etc., of any eligible student.”

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