• Check-Out some of these fun resouces for your students:



    Math Before Bed

    The benefits of reading stories to our children at nighttime have been shared countless times over and for good reason. Reading improves literacy skillsWhy is it that we don’t do math with our children before bed?  

    Math Before Bed is a collection of prompts that can inspire mathematical discussions that you and your children can have before bed, at dinner, or anytime.  Each prompt on this site shows you and your child a perplexing problem. Sometimes there is one right answer and sometimes there are many right answers. The purpose of each question is to generate a discussion about HOW you determined an answer. If you find one answer, try to find another. You could complete one prompt a night, or many prompts.  



    K-12 Game-a-thon - Challenge Your Students To Create Their Own Math Game! The national K-12 Game-a-thon challenges students to think critically and creatively to design a game that solves a mathematical problem



    ST MATH - This program is utilized in classrooms and will require student id and password. 



    PBS Kids - This is a fun resource for students of all ages.  There are many educational games and videos available to students. 



    Star Fall - This website has many different educational activities for students to use.   



    Multiplican.com - This resource offers fun ways for your students to practice their math facts. 



    Spelling City - This website features many fun games for students to use in practicing their spelling/vocabulary words. You can create your own list or use a premade list for practice.