• New Student / Back to School Information

    Dear Parents,

    On behalf of the teachers and staff I would like to welcome you to Beaty-Warren Middle School.  All information that you need to help your child transition to Beaty is listed below.  Please review the attachments.  If you need additional assistance please call the school office at 723-5200.  

    Beaty Virtual Tour: Virtual Tour

    School Hours:

    All students need to be in their homerooms by 8:00am.  

    School ends and student are dismissed at 3:13pm.

    Student Schedules:

    Student schedules will not be mailed home.  Schedules are available by going to your child's Home Access Center Account.  Please call the office if you need your child's log in information.  

    Home Access Center

    Parent Communication:

    At Beaty, we utilize the following to help in our parent-school communication;

    • Home Access Center – This on-line program can be used to check your child’s schedule, grades, assignments, attendance and discipline referrals. 

    • Student Agendas – These will be used for recording homework assignments, tests, quizzes and grades.

    • Call Blasts – These will be used to inform you if your child was absent from school, if they are missing excuses, if they have accumulated more than $5.00 in charges in the cafeteria and any other important information that we need to share quickly.

    • Parent Emails – These will be used by each grade level to report weekly/daily homework assignments and other classroom activities. Administration will also send emails with important information and updates.  Parents can call the office or email Mr. Yeager (yeagers@wcsdpa.org) to have their emails added to the grade level lists. 

    • Beaty-Middle School Web Page

    • Facebook – Our official school page is “Beaty-Warren Middle School.” We have a teacher that will update and post important information to our page.   Reminder that FACEBOOK is not the avenue to post negative comments or commentary.  Negative posts will be removed and you will be blocked from commenting or visiting the page.  If you are upset call the office and we will work with you to find a resolution to your concern. 

    Arrival & Dismissal Procedures:

    Student Morning Arrival

    Arriving in the morning, depending on the time, can be very difficult and frustrating because of the traffic.  If your child is assigned to ride a bus, we would encourage you to have them ride their bus instead of being dropped off. If you live within walking distance we would encourage you to have them walk to school instead of driving them.  


    For those who are going to walk, we ask that you reference the Walking Map.  It is important that your child walks on the correct side of Conewango Avenue.  For safety reasons, students are NOT permitted to cross by the main entrance to Beaty on Conewango Avenue. All walkers coming from the East of Conewango MUST cross at Conewango and Third Avenue.   

    Students who walk to Beaty will enter the building through the main doors by the gym.  These doors are located off of Third Avenue.  Walker doors will open at 7:30 am. Once walkers enter the school they will immediately report to their assigned location. Students will not be permitted to wander the school or go to their lockers.

    Bikes / Scooters:

    For student safety, students are not permitted to ride their scooters or bikes on the sidewalks in the front lawn.  Bike racks are provided to the left of the gym entrance, however for security reasons we would encourage your child to lock their bike or scooter.  The District is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes. 

    Parent Drop-offs:

    If you are choosing to drop your child off at school, we would encourage you to drop them at one of the four locations listed on the Drop off & Pick up Locations map.  If you choose to drive onto the campus, please reference the Parent Drop Off Route map.  Be sure to pull all the way forward to the yellow stop line and the cement barrier is are on your passenger side.  Students may not exit your car until you are past the cross walk.  Please do not drop off your child in the circle near the Third Avenue Exit, as this will back up traffic.   PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT TRAFFIC IS ALWAYS BACKED UP FOR THE MORNING DROP-OFF.  Give yourself an extra five to ten minutes when dropping off and exiting the campus. 

    Afternoon Parent Pick-up:

    For those parents who will be picking up their child after school, you are NOT permitted to enter the Beaty campus area.  We have many vans, busses and students coming and going and parking at both the front and rear parking lots.  If you are picking up your child, we encourage you to meet them at one of the four recommended pick-up and drop-off locations (See the document link above).

    Crossing Guards:

    Beaty has two morning and afternoon crossing guards that are stationed at the intersection of Third and Conewango and at the top of the drive-way.  Their job is to ensure the safety of our students while they cross the street, not to direct traffic and let vehicles exit the driveway.  Please be courteous and respectful to our crossing guards while they work to ensure the safety of our students.

    Morning Gathering Locations:

    7th and 8th Grade Students will gather  in the Auditorium 

    • 7th Grade - On the left facing the stage
    • 8th grade - On the right facing the stage

    5th and 6th Grade Students will gather in the Main Gym

    • 6th Grade Entrance Wall
    • 5th Grade Aux Gym Wall 

    Breakfast will be offered every morning and must be eaten in the cafeteria. 

    • No food or drinks will be permitted in either gathering location


    Afternoon Bus Flights

    First Flight Students will be dismissed at 3:12 to gather their belongings and board their busses.  Below is the bus lineup

    • W-1 
    • W-14 
    • W-4 
    • W-18 
    • W-23 
    • W-12 
    • W-10 
    • NP-7 

    Second Flight Students will be dismissed at 3:12.  Once they gather their belongings they will report to the cafeteria where they will wait for this bus to arrive.  Below is the bus lineup

    • W-6 
    • W-22 
    • W-9 
    • W-2 
    • W-17 
    • W-21 
    • W-11 
    • W-27 
    • W-28 
    • W-16 
    • W-3 
    • W-8 
    • W-24 


    School Wide Procedures:

    Beaty will continue to implement our School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Program that was started in the 2018-2019 school year.  We modeled our theme after WAEC in order to be consistent for our students.  One of the major aspects of this program is the development of school wide procedures and expectations.  Our School Wide team has created consistent procedures for our hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, homework expectations, agenda expectations along with cell phones and other electronic devices. 


    Students will be expected to walk and to use an indoor / normal voice and to stay to the right while moving through our halls.


    Students will enter the cafeteria and sit in their assigned seats. Our students will need to ask permission to leave their seats.  Garbage disposal will take place when the students are dismissed at the end of their lunch period.  However, before our students are dismissed they will be asked to check around their seats/area and clean up any food or garbage they may have dropped. 

    Cell Phones & Electronic Devices: 

    Students are permitted to have these at school.  However, they are not permitted to use them wherever or whenever they want.  Electronic devices are to be used for educational purposes and with permission from the teacher when they are in class or the cafeteria.  If your child is given permission to use their phone they need to understand that they are NOT permitted to video or photograph anyone or anything at school.   This procedure is in place for the protection of all of our students.  If a student is using their phones without permission or in an inappropriate manner they will be asked to leave their phones in the office until the end of the day.  See the Screen Free Parent FAQ below for more information.

    Student Agendas: 

    Each student in grades 5 and 6 will receive an agenda.  Students will be expected to carry their agendas with them at all times.  If your child loses their agenda they will need to purchase a new one.  Replacement agendas cost $5.  Agendas will be used on a daily basis to record homework assignments, due dates for assignments, grades and as your child’s classroom pass.  Students will be expected to have a signed agenda if they need to leave the classroom. 


    Attendance Information

    Excuses for Absences

    During each school year, absences must be verified by a written parental (or medical) excuse. Parents may send an excuse using a verified email address (e.g., parent email address is provided to school as a‘contact’). Absences shall be treated as unexcused until the District receives a written excuse explaining the absence, which must be submitted within 3 days of the absence.  During each school year, a maximum of 10 days of cumulative absences may be verified by a written parental excuse. A parent must submit a doctor’s excuse for each and all absences which exceed 10 school days.

    Unexcused Absences

    Any absence that does not meet the preceding criteria for an excused absence shall be considered an unexcused absence. If a parental excuse is not submitted within 3 days of an absence, the absence shall be considered an unexcused absence.

    Enforcement of Compulsory Attendance Requirements and Truancy

    A student shall be considered truant when there are 3 or more school days of unexcused absences during the current school year.

    School Attendance Improvement Conference

    If the student incurs additional unexcused absences after issuance of the above written truancy notice and a School Attendance Improvement Conference was not previously held, the District shall offer a School Attendance Improvement Conference. District staff shall notify the person in parental relation who resides in the same house as the child in writing (in a manner through which receipt can be confirmed) and by telephone of the date and time of the School Attendance Improvement Conference. There is no legal mandate as to how quickly the School Attendance Improvement Conference must be held. As a matter of best practice, the School Attendance Improvement Conference should be held as soon as possible in an effort to prevent additional absences from accruing. The purpose of the School Attendance Improvement Conference is to examine the student's absences and reasons for the absences in an effort to improve attendance.

    Neither the student nor the person in parental relation shall be required to participate, and the School Attendance Improvement Conference must occur even if the student and/or the person in parental relation declines to participate in, or fails to attend, the scheduled conference. The outcome of the School Attendance Improvement Conference shall be documented in a written School Attendance Improvement Plan that identifies the cause(s) of the absences and includes steps designed to prevent further absences. The Plan shall be retained in the student's file. A copy of the Plan shall be provided to the person in parental relation, the student and appropriate District staff as permitted by FERPA.

    The District may not take legal action to address unexcused absences by filing a citation with the District Judge or otherwise, until after the date of the scheduled School Attendance Improvement Conference.

    District Actions when a Student is Habitually Truant

    A student shall be considered habitually truant when there are 6 or more school days of unexcused absences during the current school year by a child subject to compulsory school attendance. When a student under the age of 15 is habitually truant, District staff shall either refer the student to a school based or community-based attendance improvement program or the local children and youth agency and may file a citation with the appropriate District Judge against the person in parental relation who resides in the same household as the student. When a student is under 15, a citation cannot be filed against the student.


    General School Information

    • During the 21-22 school year, all Beaty students are eligible to receive a free lunch
    • Breakfast is served daily in our cafeteria starting at 7:25
    • Students are permitted to have water bottles with them during the school day, but they must have a resealable lid and they can only have water in the classrooms
    • Beaty students are expected to adhere to the District Dress Code at all times.  The most common items that we address are.....shirts must sleeves and clothing is not permitted to have any offensive or inappropriate content. 
    • All Beaty students will have a laptop that they will be able to use during the school day.  However, students are only permitted to use their laptops for educational purposes.  They are not permitted to be on the Internet, personal email or chatting with students in other classes.  


    Back to School Documents

    Student Guide to Microsoft Teams

    20-21 Student Handbook

    2021-2022 School Calendar

    Regular Bell Schedule

    2 Hour Delay Schedule

    Activity Day Schedule

    Screen Free Parent FAQ

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