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2021-22 Mask Guidance for WCSD Students, Staff, and Community

Resources related to the Mask Order issued by Governer Wolf beginning Sept. 7th


A Department of Health Order directs school districts to enforce the wearing of face coverings in schools beginning Tuesday, September 7th. Warren County School District parents seeking an accommodation to have their child wear a face shield or alternative should contact their building principal to complete the appropriate paperwork on Tuesday.  Parents seeking an exemption for their child should contact the Office of Pupil Services at 814-730-2723 for specific directions, as an exemption can only be approved in very specific circumstances.   

Students that have not been granted an exemption by the WCSD and that refuse to wear a face-covering are subject to discipline pursuant to the district’s Discipline Code. 

We understand this is a very controversial and difficult topic, but the Warren County School District legally must enforce this order.  Please have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend. 

A blast call will be issued Saturday to all parents to spread awareness of the procedure in anticipation of the start of school on September 7th.