About the Warren County School District

Warren County, Pennsylvania, is located in the beautiful northwest corner of the Commonwealth. The Warren County School District serves a majority of the county, with small portions of the county being served by the Corry Area and Titusville Area School Districts. The district spans 788 square miles, making it the second-largest in the state in terms of geography.


The future of the Warren County School District is based on what can be accomplished by our community working collaboratively toward a common goal of educational excellence.

  • We see a district deeply interwoven with the latest educational practices and technological capabilities, that prepares its students to fully participate and compete in the global economy.

  • We envision a diverse and challenging curriculum, presented in a vigorous fashion by a qualified and motivated staff dedicated to encouraging all students to reach their potential.

  • The District will foster an environment that prepares young people to excel not only in their academic and co-curricular pursuits but also in their efforts to become productive members of society.

  • We visualize an atmosphere that motivates students to continue their pursuit of education after they graduate, and instills in them the desire to expand their knowledge every day.

  • The Warren County School District will dedicate itself to a course of action that brings this vision to life and creates a legacy of pride for all members of our community.


The mission of the Warren County School District is to support the personal and intellectual success and wellness of every student, every day.

Schools, Enrollments, and Other Programs

The Warren County School District currently has an enrollment of 4,009 students (as of 10/01/2020) for the 2020-21 academic year. The district operates nine schools in four attendance areas across Warren County. Those schools, listed by attendance area, are:

North Attendance Area

Central Attendance Area

East Attendance Area

West Attendance Area


Warren County Career Center

The Warren County Career Center, located in the district's Central Attendance Area, is an area vocational-technical school serving only the students of the district. The Career Center provides training in a number of vocational fields to students in grades 10 through 12.

Support for Gifted Students

Students who are identified as gifted may choose to receive additional enrichment programs during the school day. Click on the WCSD Office of Gifted Support link for more information.

Warren County School District Virtual Learning

The flexibility of online learning allows any student in grades K-12 to customize their educational experience.  Virtual Learning provides your student with a personalized learning approach, where they can work from the comfort of their home or anywhere there is Internet access.  With the opportunity to create their own course schedule, students benefit from learning options tailored to meet their individual needs. 

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